Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"After Five" Pendant

For some time now I have been experimenting and working to design a "Summer" necklace.
I have almost finished it but I am not ready to show it just yet. Stay tuned.

Taking what I have learnt from the Summer necklace and adding some newer, "next step" ideas,
I have created two more large pendants. This is one of them.

A 12mm rivoli with size 15's in silver with black and gold 11's.
Around the outer edges of the black "flower" are 2.5mm crystals.
The pendant is hung on a black delica spiral weave.

Overall a very nice "after five" design I am sure some woman would enjoy wearing.


  1. This looks interesting - but the photo doesn't look after 5 sparkly - I would wear with a nice shirt or T-shirt - do like it - Sandy

    1. thanks possum. Nice to know sparkles are with jeans also.

    2. A girl can wear sparkles with anything so desires - Sandy