Monday, August 18, 2014

I am officially a "Trendsetter"

I am pretty excited to announce I have joined the list of some really amazing International 
designers as a Starman Trendsetter.

Starman Trendsetters are manufacturers of CzechMates 2-Hole Beads, Fire Polish beads, seed beads
as well as Wholesalers of TOHO, Superduo, Rizo beads and more.
What happens now is, for the next twelve months, I will receive packages of all types of newly designed beads. I am to use these new beads in my creations and come up with
a free tutorial twice in the year.
How cool does that sound to receive items for free and to be required to sit and play with them!!
What more could any beader ask for ?? Is this bliss or what?  LOL

The downside of this is I CANNOT show anything created with the new beads until after the
actual, official release date. That is pretty hard for me to do as I usually am like a child jumping with excitement and anticipation to show what I just finished making….the feeling I have is very much a case of
"hey, look what I just did"

Oh well, the good has to sometimes have the bad with it but the bad is certainly one I can live with because the good sure outweighs the bad in this case.

Woo Hoo!!

I think I shall have to learn patience at this stage in my life.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Meet "Angela"

I have been working for eight years to achieve some personally set goals in my jewellery designing/making journey and with my recent travel to USA, teaching in Orlando, Florida, along with visiting Bead & Button in Milwaukee - the biggest Bead Show in the world - the goals I set years ago have now been achieved.

For a long time pursuing these goals, my beading has had a deadline or a need to come up with a new design for teaching, for tutorial writing, for earning an income or for whatever reason. Always something needed to be done, to be written, a deadline to meet on time.

Last week, for the first time in a long time, I sat to bead for the sheer joy of being creative, no deadline, no other reason than just because I felt like it and wanted to bead.

Here is the result of my playing. 
I have a friend who said this looked 'angelic' when she saw it and suggested I call this 'Angela'.

A Swarovski rivoli, bezelled with Czech glass pearls, surrounded with Swarovski bicone crystals 
in Pacific Opal and Cyclamen Opal and edged with long briolette pale green drops 
with a light wash of gold. The rope is a cubic right angle weave with colour highlights on two sides and 
shell based pearls woven into the rope.
I hope you like it, I sure do.