Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The weekend just gone

The opening night at The Kings School Art Show 2012 and the table with most of my 'main' pieces
 My friend Neva Brown and "slave" for the weekend. If you look closely you will see the face of Neva just peaking over the top of the display. (Neva was towards the end of the line when they handed out 'tall' genes, although she assures me she was once tall). Neva is wearing her own creation "The Mayoress"
I had two tables at the show and a glass display case. I am told things behind doors often don't sell. 

Here we are on Sunday, keen to be there, but starting to lack in energy. We were both on our feet so much. 

It is funny how things happen. 
Not one sale on Sunday morning. This was just before I went out to buy some lunch. I returned with food, Neva had sold 3 pieces. From that moment on we did not stop and the last sale was 35 minutes after close. I have HUGE gratitude to Neva for her unrelenting support.

My Lotus necklace sold to the wearer, Deidre, who was most gracious in allowing pics. The necklace went perfectly with what she was wearing and she looks so happy in it.

Julia wearing my BOTB piece 'Davinia'.   As soon as Julia put this necklace on I immediately asked if I could photograph her and use the image. She was most happy to oblige and I am grateful to her.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Beaded Beads

Here are two beaded beads I completed almost a year ago. I call these my "Urchins" as they have a strange outer cover when complete. They remind me of something that would be in the sea.
I have slighty altered one of the embellishments to give a 'star' affect in three positions on the bead.
A versatile pattern.

I am getting ready for an Art Show this weekend and felt it was time to finish these two pieces and let them go into the showing - along with a lot of other unfinished objects.
They make very interesting pendants on a long chain. A real talking piece.

I shall be writing the pattern for these in September. This will be one of my first patterns for sale.
After the Art Show it will be the time to get into the tutorial graphics again.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Making Sabine Lippert's design

I have been asked to make four Scheherezade pendants designed by Sabine Lippert.

Here are the pics of those four pieces.

I was given 'carte blanche' with the colours and I really let myself experiment.

A relatively simple design to make and the embellishment really makes them special. I also played with creating a 'bale' and each one got more elaborate - the blue one being the last. I think the ones hung on velvet ribbon look really lush.

I very much enjoyed making these. It is nice being a 'student' sometimes.

If you have Sabine's book it is well worth making one - or two.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rose or no Rose?

Here are three images of a work in progress.

When I holidayed in Darwin recently I had a 'rest' from beading but did a little experimenting with cubic right angle weave - CRAW.

I made the red centre shape whilst there and put it away when I returned home.
Yesterday I started to play with it by embellishing the edges with Czech crystals.

I then had the idea of popping in a carved coral rose - picture 2
I couldn't make up my mind whether to add the rose or leave it out.
I belong to a Facebook group that has some wonderful bead artisans as members and we can ask for opinions.
I posted the question "Rose or No Rose?"

That caused a myriad of comment. Some said the rose 'cheapened' the design. Some said the negative spaces were nice and the rose detracted. Overall the rose was a no go.

Marcia DeCoster asked if I had a black rivoli. Of course I did -
Picture 3.
I beaded and attached the rivoli this morning and began to embellish the piece with size 15 silver seeds. I wasn't keen on silver so I tried black - too heavy and needed some lifting. I tried gunmetal - it disappeared and I wasn't happy.  I tried the silver again and used less, just a hint. I am still not fully happy with the silver.

I am posting this 'story' up as I believe it is helpful for myself to express my design process but primarily to show other potential designers the decision process. 
When you make something, and when you experiment, there is a lot of doing and undoing. 

My students almost shed tears when I tell them to undo their mistake. I re-enforce to them that if they are going to spend so much time making a lovely piece of jewellery it is well worth the effort to do a good job.

Your opinions on the Rose or No Rose? are welcome. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Cellini finished

Here is the finished Cellini......about 15 hours work I might add.

I actually joined the ends yesterday and had a friend of mine try it on. When I saw it on her wrist I thought - it's ugly and too big! - but then, I am not the wearer.

My friend said it needed to be a little larger so I added extra length and finished it this morning.
My friend also said it is a bit "scratchy" when you put it on. 
I included long magatamas in this weave and they have a pointed edge.

When I started my internal voices said "don't use them all the way around". 
Did I listen?? Oh No!! 
Why do I feel I know better than my muse? why do I not listen? 
Heaven knows the answer to that as I certainly don't!

Oh well ! it will be a showpiece for inspiring my students, 
or maybe I will turn it into a necklace.
We shall see.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

What's on the mat

 Here is what is currently on my beading mat - a Cellini Spiral - and soon to be a bangle.

I recently saw on Facebook the amazing display case of Suzanne Golden's bangles and bracelets and thought I needed to make a Cellini spiral bangle for my "student inspiration collection".

I like to have interesting items to show my students to keep them inspired and wanting to learn more. Isn't that what a good teacher is supposed to do??

I didn't realise how long it takes to make one. The image above is about 9 hours work already and I have about 3 more to go. Suzanne Golden you are a legend in my eyes.

Just keep beading, just keep beading, just keep beading.......