Thursday, August 16, 2012

Making Sabine Lippert's design

I have been asked to make four Scheherezade pendants designed by Sabine Lippert.

Here are the pics of those four pieces.

I was given 'carte blanche' with the colours and I really let myself experiment.

A relatively simple design to make and the embellishment really makes them special. I also played with creating a 'bale' and each one got more elaborate - the blue one being the last. I think the ones hung on velvet ribbon look really lush.

I very much enjoyed making these. It is nice being a 'student' sometimes.

If you have Sabine's book it is well worth making one - or two.


  1. Hello,Patrick:-)
    I can admit; it's been a long time,since I visited Your Blog last,but as I've mentioned in my last posts-holiday time is not good either for beading,or for visiting even the most favorite Blogs:-)I prefer to spend more time outdoor,than sitting at my desk and beading,but I still think,it's going to change,when the Autumn comes.
    I like Your 'rings' made from Sabine Lippert's designs.You have made them even more interesting and textural by adding new colours,different beads and crystals,as well as the ribbons and their pretty endings.
    I also have the book with those all designs,as I love to collect all those interesting books about beading-all I have got is advertised in the left scroll bar of my blog.I haven't made any of those projects yet and I do not know if I ever make one,for I prefer to make only my own ones,using the work of others,as the inspiration for my all projects.
    Happy,to be here,to see-You're fine and beading so nice on.
    Looking forward to Your new projects-I am sending my Best Greetings to You from still sunny and warm Sweden.

    1. Hello Halinka, what a wonderful message to receive. Very nice of you to take the time out to write and share some of your life with me. I now feel I have a Swedish, 'pen' friend. (I hope you understand what that is - someone you correspond with)
      I am glad you had a good holiday and I can completely understand why you do not wish to go near a computer when holidaying.
      With my beading I experiment a lot, and I teach students a lot. Sometimes I want to be the 'student' and learn from someone else. I enjoy sitting and seeing what someone else has created. When I made Sabine's pieces I enjoyed them so much I wanted to share with friends.
      I have quite a large book collection as well. Lately I receive the books, look at the pretty pictures and designs and ut them on my shelf. Taking out Sabines book was the first time I have made another's design for quite awhile.
      I am getting ready to exhibit in an Art Show next weekend and I am very busy finishing items and doing the set up. I only do this once a year and I am glad for the opportunity. If you wish to take a look you can click on the link below.

      Well I had better get back to beading. All my best wishes to you and family, from sunny but chilly Sydney.

      Many thanks and Cheers.....Patrick

  2. Very beautiful pendants. Elegant and fine. I like your color combinations. Congratulations!

    1. Thank you Susan, they were heaps of fun to make and play with colours.

      Happy beading to you....Patrick

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    1. Thank you for visiting and leaving your comment. I am glad you like them.


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    1. Hi to you also Thanamayil


  5. something very unique and attractive..i am loving these pendants!