Friday, March 30, 2012

Rosette finished

Here is how I hung Rosette 2. 

One cannot help noticing the centrepiece as it is larger and sits higher than I have created before.
It definitely draws attention. 

I think, overall, this is a very strong piece of jewellery and made for a woman who likes her jewellery being a statement piece.

I had a friend comment on left handed and right handed people and how they sometimes
can have a problem with toggles and clasps.

Below is my design with two toggles for either a left or right handed person.
I think it's a good idea, however it concerns me the ring part of the clasp - not being attached - could 
get lost or misplaced.

I have not done a clasp like this before so I would welcome any comment.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Here is my second Rosette. The post below mentioned I was going to make one in size 15 seed beads but when I went to make it I thought I would try my favourite seed beads first. Czech size 11's. I love the look of Czech 11's when made up and how they sit together. Definitely my preferred seed bead.

So here you have a pretty large centrepiece for a necklace. I am currently working on how to hang the rosette and since the rosette is a "ribbon" I thought another ribbon would hang it very nicely.

I will post the finished item, hopefully tomorrow. I have been experimenting a lot lately and haven't finished many pieces. I am either waiting for more beads or have abandoned the design etc etc.

I have a bowl of experiments, hopefully one day they will come together into something unique as I am not one that enjoys pulling things apart.

I hope you like this, it's been fun to make.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


On the second Sunday of the month I attend a craft workshop with some wonderful English ladies who are so generous in their teaching and sharing.

The last time I attended I learnt how to make ribbon rosettes/cockades. I became very inspired as I knew I could translate what I was learning into beads.

Above is a work in progress whereby I have done my first version of the rosette. I made this in size 11 Matsuno seed beads and I now think it would be better done in 15's. It is a bit bulky as there is 3 layers.

I am happy with how it looks, certainly an eye-catcher. I shall post images 
of the finished product when completed.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

About a month ago I was approached by Beads Perles, asking if I would be interested in having an interview and being featured on their blog.

Beads Perles is a European blog page dedicated to artisans who create jewellery, More than 500 artists have already been featured and they ask if I am interested??

Are you serious ??
Of course I would love to be featured. That kind of exposure just doesn't come everyday.

Below is the link to the blog. Click on it and check it out.

What a lucky boy am I.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Whirl No. 2

Here is Whirl No.2 made with much nicer beads and also with a larger rivoli to make the pendant 
a lot bigger.

I have hung this on a herringbone twist rope in the old cowboy lariat stylewhereby the pendant is 
quite high up and the dangles are in the cleavage. This is a style of jewellery I remember fondly 
from the 1980's.

I am sure they are still worn like this in the American west but I haven't seen any here for sometime.

There are other variations of this design I wish to create and I will certainly be 
giving my time in making them.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Continuing from my previous posts -  Peacock and My Soutache -  here is another experiment. 
I'm really enjoying playing with this style. I have loads of ideas for further development and shall continue along this path for awhile.

I put a picture of this on my Facebook and was overwhelmed by the response. It seems very popular.
I have been asked repeatedly lately for my tutorials. I am currently learning how to do the graphics for my patterns and I shall let people know when I have started selling tutorials.

Now I know the steps - I have started another in really nice colours. 
Stay tuned.