Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Collection of Christmas Ornaments

It is a pleasure to introduce the most recent addition to my Christmas Collection of ornaments - "Starlight so Bright" - above.

I had fun designing this one and was happy to play with the new Swarovski fluoro pink rivoli, combining it with hot pink and orange seed beads.

As usual I like to make more than one and wanted to do something I hadn't done before - an hombre colour palette - different for me and one I will repeat. I hope you like them both.

I thought I would do a much needed blog post and share all the Christmas pieces I have done over the last few years.

These two images are the front and back of my "Anahata" Star. One of my favourites.

Then there is another one I did around the same time in gold, red and green - on the right.

I made these Christmas Trees last year and they have been a tremendous success with customers.

Lastly, my seven point star "Stellar Australis" also successful with customers and continues to sell well each year.

I am sure I will design many more. I have so many ideas in mind and every year we celebrate Christmas.