Sunday, September 15, 2013

You never know where inspiration can come from sometimes.

Here we have a necklace I designed 
which became the inspiration for my first three tutorials "Tapestry", "Tess" and "Sherrab"

If you look at my post "Bezelling Gemstones" dated July 26th you will see
the centrepiece above is the bezelled gemstone in that post.

If you look at the strap being used to hang this necklace, that became the bands 
used in my tutorials "Tapestry" my post dated August 20th and "Tess" which came later.

If you look at the smaller components in this necklace they were the inspiration 
for the pendants I called "Sherrab" my post dated August 30th.

Always be alert to the possibilities available when designing, you just may have a lot 
more than you originally thought. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"Isla Rosa" - pendant tutorial

For those who may be interested here is the link to my Artfire Tutorial store 
for  the"Isla Rosa" tutorial.
Just click on the image.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Works in Progress

When I am designing a new piece, sometimes getting it to a place satisfactory to me requires quite a number of attempts. Now I have begun writing tutorials my designs are starting to alter because I am thinking "can I do a tutorial for this?"
Here you have four attempts at making a design and coming up with one that is easy to write 
and still looks good. 

On the right here you have a purple Lunasoft Cabochon surrounded in my latest design idea using super-duo beads in a shape that resembles 'flowers'.
I added crystals in this piece and although it is really pretty there are far too many steps to be illustrating for a tutorial. This pattern needs to be simplified.

The next image, on the right, shows my second attempt. The crystals have been removed, there are less steps in making this one and it is a design still very pleasing to the eye.
I showed this on Facebook and I had a competition for ladies to name the item and one woman suggested "Isla Rosa"  It reminded her of seeing little islands - "Isla" - from a high perspective and the Rosa because the 'flowers' had an old fashioned rose look about them.  So "Isla Rosa" it is and a tutorial to be written.

BUT, once again, too difficult to illustrate and for a beginner student to comprehend in a tutorial.

The next image, on the left, has the second and the third piece I designed side by side. Now, with the third design, I had a result that was easy to make, easy to write in a tutorial, easy for a beginner to understand and still attractive.

I have a winner I thought - not quite! 

Since showing the second piece on Facebook and having it named, when I showed the third piece on Facebook a lot of women preferred the second design saying it had a charm about it and they commented saying the third design was like a lot of other things they had seen before. A good point 

So the results of all this you ask? 

It has taken 3 attempts at coming up with a creation that I am able to write into a tutorial, one that will be easy to create, easy to understand, and easy for a beginner to comprehend. A creation that will have the combination of the charm of the second piece, the easy steps of the third piece and still have its very own individuality, not resembling a lot of other items 'out there'. 

But then isn't that the designing process? You keep at it until you are satisfied you have what you want.

This next image you may wonder?

This image, on the right, is me playing with colour placement and having a bit of fun. I like this being called "Chilli Peppers" it has an ethnic/spanish/mexican look about it.

So could you now say 4 attempts and 2 designs ?