Sunday, September 15, 2013

You never know where inspiration can come from sometimes.

Here we have a necklace I designed 
which became the inspiration for my first three tutorials "Tapestry", "Tess" and "Sherrab"

If you look at my post "Bezelling Gemstones" dated July 26th you will see
the centrepiece above is the bezelled gemstone in that post.

If you look at the strap being used to hang this necklace, that became the bands 
used in my tutorials "Tapestry" my post dated August 20th and "Tess" which came later.

If you look at the smaller components in this necklace they were the inspiration 
for the pendants I called "Sherrab" my post dated August 30th.

Always be alert to the possibilities available when designing, you just may have a lot 
more than you originally thought. 


  1. Hello,Patrick:
    You're absolutely right-the inspiration for the new design can come suddenly either from the own,or other patterns.I watch lots of photos,galleries of beadwork from all of the world,also the nature,coming seasons bring the inspiration to me.
    Your new necklace is really stunning.Fantastic,precise Work,beautiful,contrasting colors and the sort of beads used.
    All the Best from Sweden-Halinka-

  2. Patrick this necklace is breathtaking.Not only the colours but the whole design is just gorgeous.
    There is only one thing I would've done different because this beautiful necklace deserves it.I would've make the other side of the clasp a peyote circle. The one part of the clasp is sophisticated and the hook part is not.
    This is what I mean , the hook is a peyote circle.