Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Wizard's (beaded) Ball

I set out to create one thing and it seemed to "morph" into something else. Does that happen to you?

I had an idea for the next beaded bead and as I was making it I realised I liked the simplicity of what I was doing and went with the look. I intened adding crystals but put that idea aside and let this piece take on its own life - The Wizard's (beaded) Ball.
When you step back and look at the gold 'star' shapes on black it looks like a Wizard's robe.

I am very happy with it and now can make the one I set out to make. 

Friday, September 28, 2012

I mentioned earlier I was making a beaded bead necklace. Yesteerday I ran out of a main bead and whilst waiting for more to arrive I played with some spikes again and here is the result.

I allowed myself to really play with colour with this one.
 Making a beaded bead is a great way to work out a colour way - it is small and you can see how the colours work together really quickly, without much to undo if you don't like your choice.

I really like the look of this one and am inspired to make more. I find each bead
gives me another idea I have to try so beaded beads are 'it' for me for awhile.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Beaded Bead - "The Basket"

Here is where the beaded bead obsession has lead me - The Basket.

As I was making this piece I started to see the bead looking like a basket of flowers,
so I went with it and made the last part of the embellishment look like a basket.
I'm very pleased with this one and have received lots of favourable comments.

My "addiction" to these beaded beads is leading me to create a necklace of beaded beads.
I have five made already and need to come up with a few more designs,
then I can weave them all together and finish with a rope. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Here is a collection of the beads I have been making to give an idea of size.

A golf ball would be a little larger than the bead on the right and a little smaller than the bead with orange and blue. 

I am now planning to make a necklace of beaded beads and have already started making them. 
It is amazing how much variety I can see in the patterning.
I am enjoying the challenge very much.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The smallest

Here is "Flower bubble".
The smallest in my collection so far, yet still measuring 31mm across from the embellishment
widest points.

This is a fun looking little bead and was a bit difficult to make as the embellishment caused the covering to get tighter and tighter. 
I managed to get my needle through to finish it
and I'm glad I did.

Friday, September 21, 2012

The next one in the collection, getting better and faster at making them.
This one is the same size as yesterdays post - 31mm across. 

Definitely a key chain or handbag bauble size.
Feminine and eye-catching.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Small Flower Burst.

The next in my beaded bead collection, a smaller version measuring 31mm across.

I was asked to make one using pink in the design and I was doing exactly that when asked.
Maybe I am psychic!....... he he he!

I have started writing the tutorial for this design first. It is probably the
easiest one for me to practice the graphics. Doing the graphics is like working and
jewellery designing is fun, so the graphics takes second place.

I guess, like most things, the more I do the better I shall become.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Flower Burst Spring

My garden is looking very Spring with lots of blooms.

. I have orange clivias blooming all around my garden,
the new leaves are a light green, the sky is blue,
thus my inspiration for my next beaded bead - Flower Burst Spring

Monday, September 17, 2012

Flower Burst.

The next in my beaded bead series, "Flower Burst"

This one measures 41mm across and full of bursting colour. I am having lots of fun making these and more ideas still flowing. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Flower Ball

It is Spring here in Australia, with flowers blooming in my garden,
so here is "Flower Ball", the next in a series of beaded beads I am working on.

I was asked what was inside Sputnik, my last beaded bead. 
So this I made with three layers and you can see through the layers and view what is inside. 

When finished the bead is 4cm across (1 3/4"), and will look great at the end of a chain,
in time for Spring.

I have had great interest shown in Sputnik and this Flower Ball so I am learning the graphics and
 writing the tutorial, rather slowly I might add.

Stay tuned for more - "Flower Burst" is also being developed and it has even more flowers.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Since the Art Show a few weeks ago, I have been somewhat "off" my beading 
and I've been concerned I didn't have ideas flowing anymore.
I guess when you work long hours getting ready, labelling, pricing, pack and display it takes a lot out of you. Maybe I just needed a rest for awhile, or maybe I needed to try something new, exciting and challenging.

This is my latest creation and the design has been both exciting, a challenge and heaps of fun to make. 
I am enjoying beading again - thank Heavens. 

20 spikes, 120 x 3mm Swarovski crystals, size 11 and 8 green iris and size 15 grape colour seed beads, with an internal large bead. The finished item is 65mm across from spike tip to spike tip. 
I am going to add a headpin, bale and a chain for the wearer to vary the length.

The ball would also look great as an ornament as it sparkles beautifully. 
My image doesn't capture how much it sparkles.

I shall be writing the pattern for this and making it available very soon.

Praise the Lord I am beading again, the passion returns.