Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Beaded Bead - "The Basket"

Here is where the beaded bead obsession has lead me - The Basket.

As I was making this piece I started to see the bead looking like a basket of flowers,
so I went with it and made the last part of the embellishment look like a basket.
I'm very pleased with this one and have received lots of favourable comments.

My "addiction" to these beaded beads is leading me to create a necklace of beaded beads.
I have five made already and need to come up with a few more designs,
then I can weave them all together and finish with a rope. 


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    1. Hi Zsu, thank you for commenting and I am glad you like my beaded bead.
      Happy beading

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    1. Hello and many thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Have a great beading day.

  3. That is quite magical
    - I am delighted

    1. I am glad you like it Iris. Thanks for visiting.