Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Making of "Whirl"

On your left is a picture of my design "Whirl" 
currently in the gallery section of 
Marcia DeCoster's newly released book "Beads in Motion."
There are some really fun, interesting and beautiful things to create and because they move "play" with.

The theme behind Marcia's book is some part of the jewellery has to have an element of movement i.e.
spin, sway, swing or slide.

Below is the story of how this came about.

Back in March 2012, I was experimenting and created this little pendant that gave an impression of movement as it looked like it spins.

I called the pendant "Whirl" and posted a picture on Facebook. 
Marcia commented on my post asking me - Does it spin?

I was then invited by Marcia to submit a design/s for her upcoming book "Beads in Motion"

Taking what I had learnt from my first creation I made another and improved the overall look and set it on a herringbone rope.

Facebook pictures were posted and again Marcia asked
Does it spin?

My reply then was "No, but I am working on it"

Here is me "working" on the design.

If I was going to be in a book I wanted to stand out. 

I did more to the centre of the bezel and chose a brighter, more colourful palette - hot pink Matsuno seeds, bright orange czech druk beads and size 15 matt lime centre bezel.

I made a test piece and hung it from a herringbone rope (on the right) and developed the section that was going to allow this design to spin.

I made a large delica/seed bead combination triangle (on the left) with an opening in the middle of the triangle.

I created a size 15 peyote "tube" from the back of the bezelled centrepiece which fitted through the opening in the triangle. making sure it sat neatly, firmly and still able to spin.

I then increased on the tube taking it out wide so it would not fit back through the triangle opening and would still allow the spin. 
From there I created the combination Czech AB yellow gold netting with faceted green delica cross joints. 
It looks yellowish but the sheen of green comes into play when you move in the light.

I am writing this as I received my copy of Marcia's book yesterday and I can tell you 
I am thrilled to the max that little old me has created something that is printed in a REAL LIVE 
book for the world to see, not just for now, but for years to come.

Much, much gratitude to you Marcia DeCoster for your continued support since we met in 2010 
and for asking me to submit my design "Whirl"

Friday, July 26, 2013

Bezelling Gemstones

I have had a strand of 14mm Rhyolite gemstones - also known as Rainforest Jasper - and I've always thought the beads would make a lovely centre to bezel around.

Here is the end result.

I used Czech and Chinarovski crystal rhondelles with super-duo two hole beads and seeds 
to create this piece. 
I may make it a pendant, I am also thinking of making a couple of extra components and putting them on chain. 
We shall see. 

I hope you like it.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Out of nowhere

Have you ever noticed how beads take on a life of their own?

Yesterday morning I sat down with an idea in mind to create. I had begun getting out different colours to make this plan and suddenly noticed a strand of green Chinarovski crystal rhondelles sitting near my bead mat.

I picked up the rhondelles and began to get out beads to make something with them. It was a complete shift away from my original intention.

The image above is the final result of playing with the rhondelles and
I call this my "Green Ice" pendant.

I have had this kind of thing happen many many times in the past and was wondering if others experience this "control" by beads.   

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Diamond Kiss

Here is my latest creation, finished about 40 minutes ago.

I have had a friend suggest the name "Diamond Kiss"..... due to 'x' often being used as a kiss.

The idea for this design came from the clasp I created in my necklace Golden Chevron (listed below).

That is how I gain my design ideas, one necklace teaches me something and I get an idea for the next one, then that leads to the next etc etc

So where do I go from here?  Not really sure.

I am liking the cubic right angle weave ropes I have made for these last two pieces and I am thinking I shall make a multi-coloured, multi- strand necklace.

Making ropes is not my favourite part of jewellery making but maybe that will get me to enjoy it more if there is a lot of variety in the making......we shall see.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Golden Chevron being worn

Here is my Golden Chevron necklace being modelled by one of my class students last evening.

Below you can see how the clasp looks and sits on the neck. I was worried it may appear too bulky - what do you think?

I asked my student to wear it awhile, with hair down, and let me know if her hair tangled in the clasp. Luckily, she reported there was no problem.

I am currently working on a new centrepiece inspired by this clasp. I have finished it and I am now creating the rope.

Pictures will follow.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Golden Chevron

Here is a design I have been working on and I call "Golden Chevron".

A Swarovski Golden shadow chessboard flatback bezelled in a cubic right angle weave and peyote, then embellished with cyclamen opal Swarovski bicones and Chinarovski crystal rhondelles. A golden shadow drop hangs from the bezel.

The rope is also an embellished craw.

I wanted the clasp to work well with the necklace and came up with this design. 
I have since had women tell me that any woman with long hair would get tangled up in the toggle so their hair would need to be swept up. 

Now hair up would make it easier for the people behind the wearer to see the clasp - don't you think? 

I have been making a lot of neon bright colours lately and at the same time I have been itching to make something a bit "more".

So this piece is my "more" fix and believe me I am very inspired with what I have done and already a new piece is being worked out in my mind.

Stay tuned.