Saturday, December 9, 2017

Seasons Tea Light

Here is my latest design for Christmas -  my "Seasons Tea Light".

A last minute present for someone and still plenty of time to make before Christmas.

Made to fit most votive candles or just pop in a tea light.

I hope you like it and if you do just click on the image.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The "Thorny Little Devil" jar

A lot has been happening lately and I have been pretty busy. It has taken me awhile to show my newest beaded jar. After I finished my 'Little Night Music' jar I went straight into making a second one. This time I wanted to cover the entire jar in beaded spikes. I also wanted a mono-chromatic palette.

I did three different lids for this jar. I beaded a tall decoration on top, which made me feel it needed a shorter, broader lid. I then beaded a different rivoli on top and thought it to be too busy and detracted from the overall look of the jar.
Hunting through my stash I found a large mirror disc that enabled me to get the mathematics to match up between bezel and lid top. I am very happy with how I attached the bezelled mirror and then embellished the top with silver cabochons, finishing by beading more peyote to make the join look seemless. I learnt a lot.

So here you have a video of the design which I decided I would call my "Thorny Little Devil"

I have been asked how long it takes me to bead the jars. I cannot answer as I don't keep track of the time when beading. So much gets beaded then you have to figure out another step and sometimes the
count doesn't work or you don't like what you did and you need to pull back and start again.

Taking note of all the time it takes is distracting. I just like to focus and bead until it is to my satisfaction.

Now I have completed this design I have the mathematics and the pattern to go by, therefore I could estimate I would take about 15-16 hours to bead this jar again.

I hope you enjoy my little beaded jar.

Friday, December 1, 2017

KingStar Tutorial finally released

Twelve months ago I released my KingStar Kit. I still have limited numbers of kits available in USA and in Australia. Click on the image above for a link.

 Today I listed the TUTORIAL for sale also. The Tutorial includes instructions on how to make the
Silver and White KingStar as well as the coloured KingStar below. Kind of a TWO-FOR-ONE deal.
Click on the coloured star below for the link.