Monday, June 24, 2013

A new stitch for me - Chenille

I teach Beginner's beadweaving at Sydney Jewellery School and recently was asked to come up with a very easy rope design to teach beginners. 

I was shown 3 examples of the kind of rope required, which turned out to be crochet - NOT for beginner's. 
It was also suggested peyote for the rope but my experience with peyote ropes is they kink and don't work well.

I thought I would pose this question to my peers on Facebook and see what they thought would be "easy" to teach. I was quite surprised with their answers.

Many said 3 bead netting, herringbone, peyote spiral, Russian spiral - 
all of which I had already thought would be a good choice.

One lady posted up "Chenille" stitch - I had never heard of Chenille stitch!
She then graciously posted a link to a U Tube sight to learn chenille stitch

I checked it out, saw that it was a modified version of a herringbone and
instantly altered the pattern to include colours. I must say here that I get very bored, very easily, 
when I have to make a rope to finish off a new design.

Here are three images of my Chenille Ropes and I have found my favourite rope weave.

Want to know why??

1. It is very easy and quick to make up.
2. It keeps my interest as there is a pattern to follow. 
3. It is very flexible and yet solid to feel.
4. You can take colours from your centrepiece and weave them into the
rope which really makes it blend well.
5. I think they look fantastic and kind of like a 'funky tribal' look.

So now you know about a new favourite of mine and probably will see many examples in the future. 
I have already started a two colour one and can see many variations in the patterning.
Check out the link for yourselves and have a go. 

You won't be disappointed......happy beading!! 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Battle of the Beadsmith Update

The results to The Battle of the Beadsmith 2013
were announced this morning and I did not make it into Round 2.
Now I am able to show my design on my model.

Last year I was ousted by a beaded handbag and this year the same. 
Shades of deja vu.

So as a friend of mine said - beaten by the "bag ladies" again!
C'est la vie.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"Katerina" - my entry for The Battle of The Beadsmith 2013

named after Catherine the Great of Russia.

When making the first component for this necklace I was struck at how like a military cross my design was. I began thinking about women who may have worn something like this during times of military action and Katerina came to mind.
Catherine the Great's rule is often considered the Golden Age of the Russian Empire 
and the Russian Nobility. 
I would like to imagine a necklace like this having have been worn at such times.