Monday, June 24, 2013

A new stitch for me - Chenille

I teach Beginner's beadweaving at Sydney Jewellery School and recently was asked to come up with a very easy rope design to teach beginners. 

I was shown 3 examples of the kind of rope required, which turned out to be crochet - NOT for beginner's. 
It was also suggested peyote for the rope but my experience with peyote ropes is they kink and don't work well.

I thought I would pose this question to my peers on Facebook and see what they thought would be "easy" to teach. I was quite surprised with their answers.

Many said 3 bead netting, herringbone, peyote spiral, Russian spiral - 
all of which I had already thought would be a good choice.

One lady posted up "Chenille" stitch - I had never heard of Chenille stitch!
She then graciously posted a link to a U Tube sight to learn chenille stitch

I checked it out, saw that it was a modified version of a herringbone and
instantly altered the pattern to include colours. I must say here that I get very bored, very easily, 
when I have to make a rope to finish off a new design.

Here are three images of my Chenille Ropes and I have found my favourite rope weave.

Want to know why??

1. It is very easy and quick to make up.
2. It keeps my interest as there is a pattern to follow. 
3. It is very flexible and yet solid to feel.
4. You can take colours from your centrepiece and weave them into the
rope which really makes it blend well.
5. I think they look fantastic and kind of like a 'funky tribal' look.

So now you know about a new favourite of mine and probably will see many examples in the future. 
I have already started a two colour one and can see many variations in the patterning.
Check out the link for yourselves and have a go. 

You won't be disappointed......happy beading!! 


  1. I can't wait to try this, Patrick. Thanks for the info!!!

  2. I love Sara's accent, she is so cute. Thanks very much for sharing.
    Kind Alohas, Patricia

  3. It is a fun and easy stitch I have one I have been working on for a bit (ADD beader here) but I do love it!

  4. Wonderful stitch. Seems more like netting than herringbone to me and I want to see if I can begin it with six beads in a loop instead of the herringbone base. I may be totally wrong about that, but I can't wait to try it. I can see why you love it! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Marsha and thanks for visiting. I tried 3 bead netting and it is a lot softer than chenille.
      Putting the single bead between the two beads makes the rope very solid yet it is still very flexible.
      I hope you like making chenille. I sure do ;)

  5. Thank you, I will soon go to try it ...

  6. Thank you for the link! I thought Chenille was netted, and have tried to do it without instructions, and couldn't make it work... Have to try again the right way :)

  7. I've not tried it yet but your creations have whetted my appetite!

  8. I have so much to learn about bead weaving - your comments and blog about beaded ropes has sparked my interest, hope you do an online tutorial - I'd certainly be one of your first customers!

  9. Looking forward to trying this with our national colours: red, green and yellow. Thank you!