Monday, December 29, 2014

The ending of 2014

I have been thinking about 2014 - something I tend to do to complete one year and 
become ready for the next.

This year I achieved a goal I set some years before - travel and teach my designs in U.S.A.
I met and made new friendships with some lovely people.
I came home elated yet somewhat exhausted from all the preparation and travel and
wasn't sure I wanted to do it again in a hurry.

I asked myself what do I want to do now? and realised I didn't want to do a damn thing for awhile.
So I didn't !!

Having been a goal setter and on-the-go for so long I started to feel somewhat "lost". I needed to remember 
what I did before becoming besotted by beading and bring that back into my life and live the two together.
It has been six months since I came home and I am only now starting to think about what I want next.

So my conclusion for 2014 is - the successful ending of a journey in the first half
the re-acquaintance of my life "pre-beading" in the last half.

I now feel ready to set new goals and I believe it has started to show in my latest designs. 
So on that note I would like to share with you my last design for 2014 
I call the white "Rose of York"

One goal I have set for 2015 is to keep my blog posts going more regularly.
Happy New Year 
I hope it is a wonder-filled year for you!