Friday, October 4, 2013

Introducing "Pharaoh"

Here is my latest necklace design, with its resemblence to Egyptian neck collars of old and its very masculine square lines has prompted me to name it "Pharaoh".
Ancient Egyptian jewellery was beautiful, ornate and sometimes overdone in the times of the Pharaohs and jewellery served copious purposes. At times, merely vainglorious ornamentation more often than not, however, jewellery, baubles and trinkets were worn to either symbolise the wearer's prestige and eminence, or to act as religious protection against evil spirits and the fickleness of luck.
The Pharaohs were notorious for showing their wealth, all wore beautiful jewellery and lots of it.

I had fun in coming up with a way to introduce the necklace and wanted my picture to look
like a postcard from Egypt. I think I succeeded - some local  travel agents are without a few travel catalogues. Below is another example of how I presented my new design for those who prefer.

Maybe this piece is something to wear whilst floating down the Nile?. What a luscious thought.

A tutorial for the necklace, a pendant and for earrings will follow from this design.


  1. Hello,Patrick:
    The necklace is very beautiful and detailed,also reminds the ancient Egyptian art.
    Very nice shapes,textures and colors,but...a bit hard to see.You give lots of additions around the photo,making the main 'topic' of it a little bit 'illegible' and at the same time hard to admire the work,You've put into,the way of stitching and the beads' stash You've used.Are You really afraid so much,that someone might 'steal' Your designs without Your permission?
    Look; You have got over three hundred of Followers and one comment,or even fewer here on Your wonderful,precise work.Don't You care for the comments?
    Kind Regards -Halinka-

    1. Hello Halinka, thanks for visiting. You have totally misread my reasons for presenting this necklace the way I did. I have added the other pic I used in presenting this design, just for you.
      I just happen to prefer the busy one as it is a lot more like a postcard.
      I don't fear being copied Halinka, it is already happening and I would be stupid to get all upset over it. Being copied comes with the territory and will increase the more I become known. C'est la vie.

    2. Hi again and-thank You very much for the second version of the 'postcard'. The wonderful necklace is perfectly seen and the background is not so aggressive.The whole picture is still meaningful with the necklace in the leading role.
      All the Best to You - Halinka -

  2. Beautiful Patrick, I like your color choice and the design, it looks like it would be comfortable to wear. I will be on the look out for the tutorial on this one.

  3. Beautiful beadwork!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!

  4. I bought my first super duos a month ago and have not even tried to bead anything with them yet. I like the square shape you were able to achieve.

    I also bought some piggy beads which I also have not tried. I think these are going to be next up- my imagination has been working at how to use them.

  5. Wow, this ias wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I like it.