Monday, October 14, 2013

When you are discouraged

I have a friend who tries very hard to make and sell her jewellery. Currently she is very discouraged and asked me what I did whenever I felt discouraged. This is what I wrote to her.

I know what it is like to feel very discouraged. We take so much time and passion to make our designs and they seem wonderful to us and people say they are nice but no one buys them. I found that really hard to comprehend when I started being creative years ago. They rave about your work, yet do nothing about it. 

I have almost given up beading a few times in the 6 years I have been weaving. One time I didn't touch beads for 4 months because I was so disgusted with it. Then I realised that I was missing doing something that I really loved doing. I also realised that every time I focused on making money I began to resent making jewellery and became very unhappy and disheartened again. I learnt this lesson a few times.

I decided that I was going to just enjoy designing and making jewellery and not focus on the money side. I was fortunate enough not to have to worry about the money. I thought I don't care what my friends say I am going to be happy and just make stuff and when I die my family will find a house full of jewellery.

It was then I became happy and continued playing and enjoying myself. Funny thing though I made sales every so often, I have not spent my own money for a few years now. Jewellery pays for itself, I have heaps of stock to use and some money in the bank, not a lot but I can buy whatever beads I want. So what I am saying to you my friend is just enjoy the love of being creative, don't focus on the money as it will kill your creativity.
I am not a religious man but I do believe in Divine Design and a Higher Power. I also believe when you channel a vibration of passion the Universe or God or serendipity - whatever you want to call it - supports passion and synchronicity happens. Also when people witness passion they want to have some of it and that often translates into a sale or a recommendation or help. 

So, my friend, enjoy what you love to do and leave the consequences to the Higher Power, you may be amazed at what happens.


  1. You are so right Patrick !
    I hope your friend found comfort by reading your letter and she is not discouraged anymore.
    Happy beading

  2. Hi,Patrick:
    Fantastic post!
    I can only say: THIS IS IT!
    We should do,what we love and try to earn the other way,if we see no effect in jewelry sale.This is not the reason to stop making it.
    There is hard to sell the ready made project everywhere in the world.Ones,who feel in mood of beading,prefer to buy the pattern and the kite from those ones,who sell them, rather than the ready made piece,which is far more expensive.
    But when it even happens to sell something,it's really hard to do so,because the money never compensates the amount of work and 'heart' we put into the item.
    I never make my jewelry because of money,that's why my attitude towards making it is always positive.having had the breaks in beading and blogging-they were caused rather by any other life-events,than being upset because it didn't bring me the money.I do not expect to be 'well paid',because I am a beader.I expect to have a fun and my private satisfaction of the successful finish of each project I take.
    Maybe someday the times will change and this all we gather today,will go to people to see the daylight.
    So far I really enjoy beading and have the same Wish to All Creative People in the world.
    -Warm Greetings-

  3. Dear Patrick-p.s. :
    I probably know some further reasons,why people do not buy the beaded jewelry:
    First-they probably do not trust the beading Artists.They can admire the technique and the whole look of the design,but they do not know,how long lasting the item can be,i.e.-what kind of threads people use andhow many times the thread crosses one bead to make it strong.They are afraid to pay the large sum of money for something,which might get spoiled very quickly.
    Watching lots of blogs,lots of jewelry pieces,I wouldn't bet either for the factors mentioned by me above.I wouldn't buy the beaded+crochet rope,even the prettiest one,which might be made/and most often it IS made!/ with the use of the cotton thread.
    Secondly:-whatever You do,using the beadweaving technique-it has got the 'vintage look',which not everyone likes.
    The third point is-the price-of course,we cannot give our pieces 'for free',however-the prices for the unique jewelry item is always 'too high' for the potential buyer-for us-it's still too low,because,as I mentioned in previous comment-it never compensates the work we put into.
    -Greets once more-

  4. I have been playing with beads long enough that beads I bought new are now vintage. I do it because I love it. Good thing since my production is so slow. It is not a job, it is fun. When I sell something- that is a bonus.

    One more tip. Glass beads are precious to me but they have very little intrinsic value, thus, I price my jewelry as art. It works for me.

  5. Thank you Patrick, for some very good advise.

  6. "just enjoy the love of being creative, don't focus on the money as it will kill your creativity"- perfect! just what I needed to read :)