Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rose or no Rose?

Here are three images of a work in progress.

When I holidayed in Darwin recently I had a 'rest' from beading but did a little experimenting with cubic right angle weave - CRAW.

I made the red centre shape whilst there and put it away when I returned home.
Yesterday I started to play with it by embellishing the edges with Czech crystals.

I then had the idea of popping in a carved coral rose - picture 2
I couldn't make up my mind whether to add the rose or leave it out.
I belong to a Facebook group that has some wonderful bead artisans as members and we can ask for opinions.
I posted the question "Rose or No Rose?"

That caused a myriad of comment. Some said the rose 'cheapened' the design. Some said the negative spaces were nice and the rose detracted. Overall the rose was a no go.

Marcia DeCoster asked if I had a black rivoli. Of course I did -
Picture 3.
I beaded and attached the rivoli this morning and began to embellish the piece with size 15 silver seeds. I wasn't keen on silver so I tried black - too heavy and needed some lifting. I tried gunmetal - it disappeared and I wasn't happy.  I tried the silver again and used less, just a hint. I am still not fully happy with the silver.

I am posting this 'story' up as I believe it is helpful for myself to express my design process but primarily to show other potential designers the decision process. 
When you make something, and when you experiment, there is a lot of doing and undoing. 

My students almost shed tears when I tell them to undo their mistake. I re-enforce to them that if they are going to spend so much time making a lovely piece of jewellery it is well worth the effort to do a good job.

Your opinions on the Rose or No Rose? are welcome. 


  1. I love the black rivoli! I like it quite a bit better than the red rose -- there's more design continuity, and there's still a little bit of negative space left. Lovely. :)

  2. I agree - didn't really like the rose - Like No.3 better
    And some of use do undo things - you have seen some of my spend hours only to get a "is that the best you can do" and pull it apart - Sandy

  3. I too like it better without the rose. Liking the rivoli. Not so sure about the embellishment as yet.

  4. I would like better without the Rose, but with a Rivoli ...

    Try it - I will have a look :-))

    Greetings Iris

  5. No rose - there's no connection between the rose and the beadwork. It's better without the rose, and even better with the rivoli. I think the embellishment, together with the rivoli center, makes it look like a cog (ooh, I found a great illustration to show what I'm seeing:, very cool *nodding*