Thursday, August 23, 2012

Beaded Beads

Here are two beaded beads I completed almost a year ago. I call these my "Urchins" as they have a strange outer cover when complete. They remind me of something that would be in the sea.
I have slighty altered one of the embellishments to give a 'star' affect in three positions on the bead.
A versatile pattern.

I am getting ready for an Art Show this weekend and felt it was time to finish these two pieces and let them go into the showing - along with a lot of other unfinished objects.
They make very interesting pendants on a long chain. A real talking piece.

I shall be writing the pattern for these in September. This will be one of my first patterns for sale.
After the Art Show it will be the time to get into the tutorial graphics again.


  1. Izgalmasak ezek a bogyók, nagyon tetszenek! Igazán eredeti az ötlet, gratulálok!

  2. Those are awesome! Can't wait to see more of these beaded beads.