Friday, December 30, 2011

My New Jewellery Storage

I have a problem with storing my finished pieces of jewellery. I have so many items sitting around on busts gathering dust, or in trays scratching each other and going dull. Also the boxes for my main items are just a bit too expensive and take up too much room.

I have come up with the idea of placing my collection into bubble post envelopes. 

I have my own collection of designs which I can place in the envelope and label it with the name of the item.

Also when I teach students I need examples of various stitches and items to inspire them. I can now sort them into the envelopes, label it with the stitch type and have them ready for the classes.
In fact the envelopes could have loads of information written on the contents i.e. name, colour, stitch, 
date it was made, where it has been placed for sale, prices, gallery, whatever information is required.

Below are two images which will give you the idea on how I am storing and sorting.
The basket is only for the early sorting, my collection is far more extensive to be held in this basket.
I have a large filing cabinet for the final sort and as I create I can slip them into their order.  

To get started I bought 30 post envelopes from a bead wholesaler for less than $0.20 each.
I think this is a very worthwhile investment and it gives me peace of mind knowing my designs aren't being ruined from neglect.


  1. That is an excellent idea Patrick.
    I wish I could get a hold on this type of envelope..20cents? woooow..Try $2.00 each here.

  2. Hello Amy, thanks for the comment. I am lucky to have a large wholesale bead store nearby that sells these. Have a great New Year.

  3. Patrick , you are lucky :) My uncle lives in Melbourne I should pay a visit to him and go to that store :))

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  5. I like these ideas Patrick - Might even put my wardrobe jewellery box to shame - Sandy