Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Another Cabochon Play

Here is another Cabochon surrounding a polymer clay bead and hung on black suede leather.
I am now looking at beads with eyes of  "can I cabochon that?"

I am really enjoying doing the cabochons and can see heaps more ideas forming as I experiment and get better skills.

The beaded bit at the top of the picture is the slide for adjusting the length of the necklace.

I am a great lover of red and black combinations. I think these colours together are very dramatic yet elegant and classic at the same time.

The other side has an all black surround and doesn't have the cream seed beads. Just a little bit of extra variety for the wearer. 


  1. Thank you and greetings Orsi. I wish you a very a Happy New Year.

  2. It is amazing!!I love colours!!!!
    Happy New Year,Patrick!!

  3. Thank you. Sorry I took awhile to answer but didn't see your comment until today. Cheers....Patrick