Friday, December 2, 2011

Comtesse Du Barry & Antoinette

Here are two bracelets I also entered into the Melbourne Bead Expo Member's Original Exhibition.

Whilst experimenting making this design I started to think of the beautiful Hall of Mirrors inside the Palace of Versailles, France, also about the interior decor and the intricacy of the decorations during that period in time.
I remembered some of the history, in particular the story of Marie Antoinette - a girl of just 14 years of age at the time - and Comtesse Jeanne Du Barry, a woman of 26 years, mistress to King Louis XV.
When the Comtesse Du Barry was presented at the Versailles Court April 1769, she wore a queenly silvery white gown brocaded with gold. Many courtiers claimed its likeness had never been seen before. Bedecked in jewels sent by the King, diamonds covering her delicate neck and ears, she was now the King's maîtresse déclarée.
Marie Antoinette, having been encouraged by her future husband's (Louis XVI) sisters refused to acknowledge or speak to Comtesse Du Barry.
So sitting and thinking about this time and this event I allowed the inspiration to grow and come forth in my creations and in their naming.
They are ornate but then so was fashion at this time.



  2. Oh My! These are beatuiful, Patrick!!Congratulation!!!

  3. they are really very nice and for a new bride they are ossom .They will surtely gave her a new venues uk