Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cabochon 2

Here is a Cabochon I have been playing with. Having steered clear of Cabs after many abandoned attempts.

Being inspired by the designs of Sigifredo Conteras, a Mexican jewellery designer, I have been brushing up on my Cabochon skills. This is my second attempt in the last few days and with this I allowed myself to play with colours as I have always wanted to. 

I love colour !!  In here you have hot pink, lime green, aqua blue, deep purple, cherry purple, orange and a blue purple. It reminds me of  Israeli jewellery designs I have seen.

And guess what ??? - this was/is the back of the Cabochon, there is another side and it is different. I will show this when I finish the other components of the necklace and reveal all at once. Stay tuned for the unveiling of "Fiesta"


  1. Amazing colors
    I love it!!!

  2. Thank you Ajne, and thanks for joining my blog. Can I see your pieces?? I have tried to have a look but can't get there.

  3. Wow!!I love this work!This piece is so amazing!!!!Beautiful!!