Monday, August 29, 2011

The King's School Art Show

I received some amazing responses to my jewellery showing over the weekend. After telling the customers everything they were looking at was made by me I received responses like "aren't you clever?" or "Really?" and the one that surprised me most was "Don't you have taste?!!" 

I enjoyed the weekend very much and learnt a lot and have a lot of direction to aim for. It has been a great experience.

I was in a room with four other exhibitors. I found it interesting there was a Michael on two of the stands, a Michelle on another and my middle name is Michael. I wonder if there is any cosmic meaning to this??  Spookie !!

 Here is a pic of us all enjoying an end of show glass of bubbly and chatting before we packed up. 
You have Michael and Freya from Alsage (selling "Russian Faberge egg" style of jewellery, very delicate and intricate), then Christine, then Michelle & Bruce from Depazzi (selling opals and crocodile leather belts) then Michael, Christine's partner, from Christine's Collection (selling beautiful vintage and antique jewellery) and me on the end.

We all enjoyed he weekend and will all be back again next year. If you would like any further information on the other exhibitors please click on the link below:

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