Friday, August 5, 2011

The Cross

Here is the morning's play. I woke especially early this morning and spent five hours making this necklace. I am more than happy with the necklace part - something I have been experimenting with for awhile - and I can see lots of potential in this.

I have a penchant for crosses.
This one is lightly embellished as I wanted to show the pattern of the beads. I have also done a couple of heavily embellished ones using lots of colour and montees. Not for public showing just yet.

As I was creating this I imagined in days of old a Dowager Duchess wearing such a statement piece. Maybe I've been watching too many old films!! I could also see this on a woman with a black cocktail dress. Then again maybe a Goth would identify with this also.
It certainly is a statement piece - isn't that why women wear jewellery?

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