Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I need a name

I again woke early this morning - 2:15am - and laid in bed awhile working out how to do this design. I got out of bed at 3:00am and started. 
It isn't exactly how I imagined it but woohoo!! I am more than happy with this one. 
There are heaps of colours through this piece, purple, pink, teal, old gold, champagne, olive, navy and gold. This image isn't showing all the colours very well. 
When I create a piece of jewellery I generally get a name in my mind but this morning no name came through. 
You are seeing only one side of the pendant, the other side is slightly different. It was quite a challenge keeping the pendant from bowing so it can be worn either side.
I am pleased with the bale I wove off the pendant, making it easy for the spiral weave necklace to be threaded through or placed onto a gold chain.

Now what shall I christen this piece of art ?? Any suggestions welcome.


  1. Nobody helped you to name this beauty ?
    When I saw this I was thinking about Anna Boleyn

  2. Hi Amy, you are the only one to comment on this so I shall remember it as Anna Boleyn. Thank you and Happy New Year.