Thursday, August 11, 2011


Here is a necklace I have been working on over the last two mornings. 
Yesterday I made the pendant and this morning I designed how the necklace could be woven off from the pendant. I am very happy with how they have come together after a few trials.
 I find I remember a design when I give it a name. Nothing is worse than a student saying "you know that necklace you made with copper and blue beads, the one with the blue crystals.....?????"
I have probably made 3-4 necklaces with this colour combination, it is one of my favourite colour mixes.

So this necklace I've named 'Francesca'.

The pendant is slightly different each side. One side has 6 Swarovski sapphire crystals in the centre (left) and the other side has a different weave with Chinese Crystal rondelles in the centre (right).

The necklace can be worn either side as both sparkle beautifully. I am thinking I may make this November's workshop. What do you think???

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