Saturday, August 13, 2011


Here is "Azzura" - a necklace I started quite awhile ago and ran out of the main bead. Receiving them from the States yesterday I couldn't wait to see the finished design. It took me another four hours work, this morning, and I am very happy with this piece.

Swarovski montees and indicolite blue crystals with bronze Czech fire polished beads and copper magatamas. I really like the necklace weave off the main feature design, so much so I am going to use this weave and have a go at a bracelet design. Stay tuned.

The colours in this necklace are different to yesterday's post. Like I said blue and copper are one of my favourite colour mixes. Dark blue or Sky blue - both work well.

Azzura means "sky blue" so I think the name appropriate and it helps me to remember the designs.

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