Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Play

One of my favourite beaders I am inspired by is Sabine Lippert. Her book is due for release in May 2012 - a copy of which I have advanced purchased and really look forward to receiving.

I spent this morning experimenting and figuring out how she achieves her beautiful embellished pieces and here is my take on one of her current designs. I have made changes to make this pendant my own but am really grateful for her ideas and inspiration.

The pendant as actually quite small, measuring only 30mm across. As I made this I was wondering whether this style is Vintage or Romantique as it has an old world look about it.

Whatever style it is I really enjoy embellishing and making things as lovely as this. But then I guess you have already figured this out eh ??


  1. This is stunning and the work of Sabine Lippert is beautiful too.
    ps I have been given a lot of seed beads and some are nice, would you be interested in them. Maybe for a class?

  2. Hi Xandra, thanks for the comment, much appreciated.
    I use Japanese and Czech seed beads only as they are colourfast and consistent in sizing.
    Do you know where your seed beads are from??