Thursday, October 20, 2011

Finished Pink Star

                                                              I finished my last post with needing a gold bale to hang the pink star. That stayed with me all day and so yesterday morning I woke and decided to make the bale and hang the star in a style suitable for this piece. 

Here we have the pendant and bale with a spiral weave rope. After four attempts on the bale - one  even published yesterday only to be deleted 10 minutes later - each abandoned for either too large, too eye catching taking the attention away from the star or wrong colours etc. Talk about Goldilocks and the porridge but in this case four bears.

Last evening I finally made one I liked and thought didn't draw attention away from the star and was a suitable size. 

One of my pet dislikes is a rope that twists the same way the entire length. This morning I remembered to change the twist direction so now it twists anti-clockwise on the left and clockwise on the right of the bale. To the viewer the pendant sits right in the middle and all is balanced nicely. Pleasing to my eye and a happy chappy I am.

I have invented a clasp (not shown here) as I want to make sure it hasn't been done before. I have a friend who has beaded far longer than I have and she is amazed it hasn't been thought of before. So I shall check this out and post results soon.

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