Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A commission with a challenge

Recently a good friend said my work was more after 5pm, special occasion, lots of bling and challenged me to make something that was day wear with no bling at all. I accepted the challenge as I felt she was correct having an internal voice always suggesting where I can put another crystal or two.

So here is the finished piece and I have to admit it was a little difficult not to add a crystal or two.

The necklace has two sides, copper with blue one side and blue with copper on the reverse side. I do enjoy providing a two for one when I can.

I believe I rose to the challenge, what do you think?.


  1. I must admit that I agree with your friend - most of my pieces are things I can wear day-to-day
    Don't get out much
    I do like this one - maybe a little more delicate next time
    Guess who


  2. I think:YES!!:)
    This is a beautiful necklace!!

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