Monday, July 25, 2011

Ishtar - The Evening Star - WORKSHOP October 1st, 2011

One pendant with two sides. This is my latest play and I am thrilled with the results. I put all my focus on creating the "front" side (left pic) of the pendant and when finished I looked at the back and was thrilled with how this side turned out also. Two pendants in one!
I will be teaching how to make  this pendant - I've named "Ishtar" on October 1st, 2011.
Love to hear any comments.

ISHTAR - The 8 Pointed Star - also known as the "Evening Star" - represents the fullness of woman-hood and dares us to dream. Her power is strongest at the full moon, when the essence of womanhood heightens in response to the moon energy that is all-encompassing.

Ishtar's energy represents love, fertility, passion and sexuality. Babylonians have honoured Ishtar as a goddess who inspires lovers everywhere to stop for a moment and connect with the fertile energy she brings. The city of Mari worshiped Ishtar as a birth goddess symbolised by the Urn of Life held tight to her belly. Even the Christians have borrowed aspects of the womanly Ishtar and incorporated the divine love of a mother for her dying son into their Virgin Mary.

She is descended from the goddess of romance, Venus, and her energy encompasses all that is "woman" - nurturing mother, inspired companion, playful bed partner, wise advisor, insightful leader. She is revered especially on days of the full moon, when it is right to engage in joyful acts of lovemaking to celebrate being "woman".


Are you feeling that someone is making you feel like a workhorse instead of the wondrous being you really are? They are taking advantage of your conditioned mindset that the needs of others come before your own. It is time to tune into your own needs and pay them some attention in order to rejuvenate your core style and grace.

ISHTAR WORKSHOP - October 1st, 2011. Full details will be posted shortly.

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