Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Cold Day - and beading

The weather is cold and windy and I am at home today - perfect for sitting and beading. Having walked about 9 kms this morning I am about to start on a project I am trying to perfect. All I seem to do lately is experiment and often abandon projects. I have lots of unfinished 'bits', lots of one earring, that I must one day unravel. Experimenting can be very frustrating but it is the only way to come up with original designs.
Here is a picture of today's early morning experiment which ended up being turned into a ring. I am not overly keen on the lime green in the ring but hopefully someone will love it. There are 20 Swarovski crystals on the top and all is done in Right Angle Weave - fast becoming my favourite stitch.
I am going to make another one using a better choice of colours and will post this up when complete. Stay tuned !!

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