Monday, July 4, 2011

Bali monkeys

I returned from holidaying in Bali a week ago and thought I would blog about the monkeys.
I stayed in Ubud in a hotel across the road from Monkey Forest and the monkeys would come in each morning and entertain the guests by attempting to steal food from the breakfast tables. Often they succeeded.
Here you have a mother and child monkey eating the flowers which I think are a type of Oleander. I thought oleander were poisonous ? Maybe not to monkeys.
I had one monkey steal my pen and proceed to chew it to bits in front of me. I also saw a rather large male monkey yawn and thought I wouldn't like to be bitten by him as his fangs were enormous.
My holiday was very soul-feeding for me. I have returned home very rested and at peace with my lot. Isn't that what holidays are supposed to do ?

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