Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pendant Panache

Continuing on from yesterday morning's play I woke early this morning (as usual) and laid in bed designing these pendants, figuring our how to construct  the image I have had in my mind's eye for the last few days.  Today I got it!!! - finally - and I am very happy with the results. Here is one pendant with two different sides. There are two Volcano coloured rivolis, shell pearls, heaps of Swarovski crystals, Czech beads and seeds. A lovely sparkler with class and elegance.

Having succeeded with the first one above I had to have another go and came up with this Grey, hematite and black coloured design. Again two silver rivolis, shell pearls heaps of Swarovski crystals in CAL, black diamond and jet colours, Japanese clear drops, Czech beads and seeds.
This is definitely a design I will teach when I return to teaching. Maybe October - who knows!

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