Sunday, July 10, 2011

Another cold day's play.

Here is this morning's play. Whilst creating this ring it seemed to morph into something quite different to yesterday's design.
It has a large Swarovski diamante centre as well as 20 Swarovski crystals. When you look down onto the ring it has two crosses overlaying each other and forming an eight pointed star - you can't quite see it here. This image is the best I could get today having left it too late in the afternoon after a 7km walk. Maybe tomorrow I will have another attempt for a better image - before my daily walk.
Now that I have this design in my memory bank I will return to the necklace experiment. I have learnt a lot from these rings and will incorporate the learning into the necklace. Sidetracking can be very productive sometimes.
July 11th - Monday's image - Here is the same ring with the picture being taken under a lamp. It shows off the colours better. A real sparkler.
The necklace is under way and coming along very nicely.

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