Saturday, May 26, 2012

This week.

I have spent the past week working on my design for The Battle of The Beadsmith Tournament.
The start date was May 15th and I managed to find the time and clear my workspace, ready to go, on Sunday 20th.

I spent three mornings working on a centrepiece which was proving problematic. I had the feeling all along that it didn't want to be made. I find it funny that a piece "speaks to me" sometimes. Eventually, I cut it up and cleared the workspace to start another idea taking place in my head.

Inspiration comes to me in different ways. Sometimes I see an image in my mind's eye, rarely do I draw that image but, this time, that's how it happened. I started the centrepiece on Wednesday and am very happy with how it looks. Pretty classy. I then began to change away from the drawing. I spent one morning making another component only to decide I don't like the colours I chose. So a colour way problem took place until I finally settled on a limited palette.

This morning I went back to the original drawing, slight modification, and spent about four hours making another section, coming away thrilled with where it is now going.

I can happily say I know my direction, I am very excited with how it looks, keen to get it finished, really finding it difficult to not show anyone. I usually share my work with two good friends but they are in the Tournament also and I cannot let them know what I am doing.

So stay tuned for the next exciting update. In the meantime this is my main squeeze..... My girl Missy.


  1. An exciting development story and I can appreciate that you occasionally have to change something. I am very excited to see what occurs for a jewel in your hands. But I am quite sure that it will be very great. Have a wonderful, creative day.

    Sincerely, Iris

    Eine spannende Entwicklungsgeschichte und ich kann gut nachempfinden, dass Du hin und wieder etwas ändern musst. Ich bin sehr gespannt, was für ein Schmuckstück in Deinen Händen entsteht. Ich bin aber ganz sicher, dass es ganz großartig sein wird. Hab einen schönen, kreativen Tag.

    Herzlichst Iris

  2. Hi Patrick - can't wait to see what comes out of that special mind - how do you mere hobbyists get to the creations - Sandy

  3. what I was trying say in the above was how do we get to see the pieces when they are all made and presented - would be good to check out all the creations. The brain was in the middle of end of month - Sandy

    1. Hi Sandy,
      the pics will be shown on Battle of The Beadsmith Facebook page. You can go in and join so you will see all that is happening. No images will be shown until after the first judging - late July. My design is coming along very nicely Bigger than Ben Hur.


  4. It will be exciting, how it will look like. As I feel right, it is certainly amazing.
    Pus in the nose little Missy