Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Finished Clasp for The Maquette

Final image for the Maquette clasp. 
On the right notice how the end of the rope holds the toggle out further and is joined by size 15 seed beads. One the left notice how the clasp looks when closed. The end of the rope appears to be part of the clasp design (and could be embellished further) and holds the toggle in place better and reduces the bulkiness of the whole design. The only part that is raised is the toggle, as normally happens. 

Next image for "The Maquette" clasp. 
I spent this morning completing this, then abandoned it, Made another only to come back to this one. Not too sure I will use it but wanted to show the next stage. 

The extra width on the right hand side is the end of the rope, making it look like part of the clasp. The side of the clasp sits between the rope and the toggle.
I haven't done that before and it could be developed further.

Getting close to finishing.

Yesterday I had a comment left thanking me for showing the evolvement of my design and another said they were very glad to watch the different stages.

For sometime now I have wanted to show others how I design an item and I am now pleased I have been able to share this with you. 
Some of you will already know what the design process is all about and some of you really enjoy watching how another person designs.  

This morning, whilst working on a clasp for The Maquette necklace (see posts below), I thought to share the clasp evolvement as well.

Here is the very early stages of the clasp for the necklace "The Maquette"

 Tomorrow I shall add the next image to this post until it is finished. 

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy witnessing my journey as much as I enjoy sharing it.


  1. Thanks Patrick, it's interesting to see how the jewelry is emerging. And it will be fun to see the big picture then. I look forward to it.

  2. precioso el diseño,felicidades

  3. It is beautiful!! Is there a pattern?