Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Neon Phase

In my younger days (1980s) these kind of colours were called fluorescents or "Fluoros"
I have been making "Neon" coloured brooches and I have had to search
through my bead stash for every bright coloured bead I have.
 I am enjoying mixing the colours.
The cabachons you see in these are called Luna Cabs by The Beadsmith.
They have a lovely silky feel to them and kind of a cat eye sheen.
Every lady I have shown these to have wanted to play with the cab and rub it as it does have
a lovely soft texture.

I have 3 more cabs and will make some more neon pendants next time, stay tuned.


  1. These are so beautifull, in happy colours, love them :)

  2. Thank you Zsu, glad you like them. I am having fun making them.

  3. I adore the green broach- that bezel stands out.

  4. I just love the broaches . Such vibrant and lovely colors. And the effect of the patterns is simply beautiful!