Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Aztec Sun 3

I have been playing again and here is my Aztec Sun 3.
Measuring 7cm across it is a rather large pendant.
I have been indecisive about how I want to hang it, on chain? or make a rope?

Decisions, decisions....... what are your thoughts?


  1. It really glows like the sun! I would put it on a chain, I think it would make it look like it was hovering below the neck. But chain is my go-to choice, so I can't really compare the options so well.

  2. It's a nice piece! I think a chain would be good or a yellow rope.

  3. I love ropes, but they take time.

    Chain does not always balance well with the weight of the piece- which I think might be an issue here.

    You could do both- rope part way, with chain to the back of the neck.

    Your other option is to string larger beads to make the strap.

  4. I commented on this on facebook (I think) but was going through my Blogger account and saw it again. I absolutely adore this piece. Fan tab u lous.

  5. Hi, Patrick - I can't tell from the photo what size beads you used, but if they were 11/0 to produce your 7mm model, perhaps using 15/0 in judicious placement would help you reduce the size? *-) Betsy