Friday, May 24, 2013

Aztec Sun 2 and SOLD yippeeeee!!!

I have been working on a necklace and decided it was going to be too large so
I pulled the components apart and used this one as
a necklace in its own right.

I am continuing in my colourful phase and really went for it in this design. 
I have to admit by the time I was getting close to finishing I was seriously wondering if I 
had gone too far with the colours.

Do you ever work on something to the point where you can no longer tell if it is nice?

I have since posted this up on Facebook and the comments I am getting tells me I haven't.....pheeeewww!!


  1. Gorgeous ... I love it!!!

  2. Yup, this is really awesome! Love it! Your suns and moon are wonderful as well!

  3. Yes, I can tell if a piece of mine is OK, but not if it is great, or if it is too much. Sometimes if I get someone else to put it on it helps give me perspective. In any case this is gorgeous.