Friday, April 20, 2012

My "Gerbera" Flower being published

Here is my "Gerbera" flower I designed for Australian Beading Magazine.

Swarovski Vitrail Light Pink rivoli, surrounded in three rows of petals (just like the real thing). 
On the end of each petal is a 4mm crystal. The crystals are Chinese and really pretty. 
As they catch the light they throw sparkles of pink one second then yellow next and salmon pink, 
and yet they look grey in colour. Very unusual. 

I am learning to use a new camera and need better lighting so in the near future 
my images will get more professional - I hope.

The pattern will be published in the August 2012 issue of Australian Beading Magazine


  1. Hello,Patrick:-)
    Fine floral design.Flowers are always beautiful and beadwoven and sparkling interpretation of gerbera flower is pretty adequate:-)I can say,as concerning the color: the very unique and brand new kind of Gerbera You have created
    :-)I've heard,there are special world's prizes for the breeders,who manage to create the original flower's color and for the new kinds,so probably You should be given both of them:-))
    Warm Hugs-Halinka-

  2. Wow! Das ist eine wunderschöne Blume!

  3. Patrick - beautiful flower. It is so exciting to get published! Congratulations.

  4. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! fantastic flower!!!!!!!! nice colours!!

  5. This is a amazing flower..compliments for publishing!!!
    Best regards