Monday, April 2, 2012


The image to the left is an experiment I worked on over the weekend. I was after flower petal like shapes from two columns of herringbone joined at the end with a 4mm bead. 
The better part of the design happened on the back of the work where the wrong side of the rivoli is showing.

I almost abandoned the piece, thinking "what a waste of time for very ordinary results" because I just wasn't happy with the look at the front.

I then wondered if I could "cover up" the part of the front I wasn't happy with by taking the size 15's out over the herringbone petals. I started with just a small amount and noticed it was succeeding so I kept going, continuing to add extra rounds until I reached the very edges. It isn't perfect but at the same time not a total right off either.

I was pretty amazed at how it turned out in the end. Not what I had planned to make but okay in itself. 
The really great part about this happening is that I now know how to make a completely new design and will have a play with this 
"swirl" look next.

I really love experimenting and I especially enjoy it when the unexpected happens. That is what keeps me addicted to beading.


  1. Wow!Beautiful work, Patrick!
    Lovely colours I love it!!!!