Monday, February 27, 2012

Stella in a new colour

Back in early January, I posted a picture of a necklace I designed and called Stella. 
Stella was my submission to be taught in the next Melbourne Bead Expo, November 2012. 
Last week I received notification my submission has been accepted pending receipt of the sample necklace.

I like to keep the first of each design and thought I would like to see Stella in a different colour. 
Above is the new colour way for Stella. There are five colours in this version, yellow, cream, white and silver, with each "star" being joined with 3mm lime Swarovski crystals.

I will be sending this off to the Bead Society of Victoria and this necklace will be what I am teaching in the next Expo, just in time for Summer 2013. 


  1. This is amazing!Congratulations!

    1. thank you Angela. i am very happy this turned out as well as it did.


  2. Hello,Patrick:-)
    I've just found Your Blog by a chance and I can say-I am really impressed.I haven't seen 'Stella' in the other colors,but this one in pistacia ones,presents fantastic.Huge amount of work has been put into it,but the final effect is worth the efforts.You're very creative-I've seen some designs of Yours-later on I am going to see YOur Blog from the beginning to the end:-)
    Warm Greetings from Sweden-Halinka-

    1. Greetings Halinka, thank you for the wonderful comments on my work. Stella took about 12 hours to make so not too much. The first Stella is all green and is in my January posts. I hope you enjoy my blog.

      Many thanks....Patrick

  3. Replies
    1. Hello Mimi (I think that is your name), many thanks for joining my blog and for your comment. Much appreciated.


  4. Thank you very much Csilla.