Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Soutache

My last post was showing a portion of a necklace that was on my beading mat.
Here is the almost finished piece with the remainder of the necklace rope and clasp to complete.
I am really pleased at how this looks and couldn't wait to share it with my followers. 

Unfortunately my picture isn't showing the colours very well. I will have to take another in better light when I can. The colours are pearl white and various shades of pink in the seeds and beads.

I think this piece is combining a few different looks i.e. quilling and soutache. It is something I have been developing for awhile and even though I still have lots to experiment with I think I have found the direction I wish to travel and really perfect.

Your comments would be appreciated and I don't have a name for this piece so suggestions welcomed.


  1. Moonlight Star - very impressive - looks like a lot of work - well done - Sandy

  2. Beautiful necklace,such a gorgeous colors

  3. Very beautiful. Excellent work of art.

  4. Incredibly beautiful.
    Greetings Manouscha

  5. This design has a most beautiful shape and elegant colors.
    -Eva Maria