Monday, January 28, 2013

Playing with colour.

I received a package of seed beads, super-duo twins and the new Rizo beads last week. 
As you can imagine I was very keen to play with the new items. 

I also found a beautiful hot pink/orange Swarovski Volcano colour 'classical square fancy stone' article 4461 and certainly wanted to use this also.

So I decided to experiment with colours also - always a good practice to get into when looking for a new colour way. Make something small.

Here you have the fancy square Swarovski stone surrounded in green iris Czech seeds, then the olive green of the super duo twins coupled with Swarovski olivine 3mm bicones. I wanted to pick up the colour of the orange in the centre bead and trimmed the edges in galvanised orange 11/0s. 
It just did not work and I neglected to take a picture to show you. 

I have a friend who is an interior designer and she suggested to make the colours 'pop' use some blue.

Here you have the end result, and I am very glad I listened.