Sunday, January 6, 2013

Look after Yourself


I discovered beading in May 2007. 
At that time I was on a health kick and had lost 5kgs and was
looking pretty fit and feeling great about myself.
Almost 6 years later I am 20kgs heavier.
I have a sore back and had no desire to exercise - I would rather bead!

My desire to exercise has returned and I have already lost 2kgs. 
I just returned from swimming laps at the pool, I have been walking regularly 
and my feeling about myself is getting better  

AND GUESS WHAT???  -  I am still beading.

Here is my motto for 2013 as a reminder of my needs in life.

Shared with the intent of warning other passionate beaders to try and balance both.


  1. Keep going Patrick!
    Keep beading!
    Best wishes for a prosperous and healthy 2013!

  2. YES Patrick I know exactly what you are talking about, and agree completely. So as soon as I finish writing this comment, I am going to unroll my yoga mat! Way to go!

  3. The getting up and doing has worked for me - was a size 12 - now 18moths after joining curves I have lost 5kg - I am at the same weight when I left high school and down to a size 8 - It can be done - And to think I only started because I hit 50, Mum has oesteo, Dad has had 3 mini strokes that we didn't know about - and they say you should get up and do something - weight lose was just a bonus - but yes agree beading is more fun