Friday, July 6, 2012

Battle of the Beadsmith

I have been spending hours and hours creating my necklace for the 
Battle of the Beadsmith Tournament.
Yesterday I woke and spent over four hours embellishing and checking the work - under the magnifier - to ensure everything was okay, no extraneous threads etc. 

This morning I intended making the clasp design I had in mind and finally finishing my entry. After over 6 hours of work, attaching one side of the clasp to the rope, measuring this on my next door neighbour to ensure all would hang properly, I realised I had made it a fraction too short.
Damn !!!! 
I also wasn't totally happy with the clasp and decided to make another.
More hours of work!!

I cut the clasp away, lengthened the rope, did all the extra embellishing needed and put 
it aside for the day as my back was not going to let me sit any longer. 
I reckon I spent almost 8 hours beading today....OMG !

In the morning I shall make the new clasp and attach it. Definitely!
I am determined to have it done. Then it is a matter of taking the pictures and sending it off to
The Beadsmith. Entries must be in by July 10th.

I highly recommend all those who love looking at jewellery to search for 
"Battle of the Beadsmith Tournment" on Facebook, subscribe or join the group. 
You will then be able to see all the 80 designs that will be part of the Tournament.

Can you imagine? 
80 new pieces of jewellery will be released into the world from some of the
best, most well known, published artisans of jewellery.

I shall post pics of my design as soon as the Tournament permits.


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    1. Greeetings Carolina, thank you for your message. Yes the images of 80 new pieces of jewellery we shall be seeing soon will be very exciting.
      I can't wait to see what everyone else has done.

  2. Sono sicura sarà un capolavoro la tua creazione nn vedo l'ora di poterla ammirare.
    In bocca al lupo

    1. Grazie Pinuccia molto, io postare una foto appena possibile

      Ciao Patrick ....