Monday, November 7, 2011

Sweet Thing

Playing with colour and seeds this morning I went somewhat further and came up with this little design.
As I am making it I kept hearing the words "sweet thing" in my head, so I have christened it so.  
I see this delicate, colourful piece for someone young and a lover of pink,
however my sister is 65 and loves it maintaining age is no barrier to colour.
I wish all ladies thought that way. 


  1. Yep sweet thing does fit really well - Not a real lover of pink or green - but they work well together in this one
    And age is just a state of mind - as long as you are comfortable - who cares what people think - you are you or I am me - take it or leave it


  2. I do like pink but its not my favourite colour, but the colours work so well together and I really do love it and your title that your piece chose for its name.