Thursday, November 10, 2011

Melbourne Bead Expo

This is the necklace "Midnight Lights" I have entered into the Melbourne Bead Expo 2011 
Member's Original Exhibition

In 2010 I was awarded the Elly Feldman Award (best of show) at the Melbourne Bead Expo
with my entry called "Dragon's Bane"

 Naturally, I am keen to be present at this year's judging so my sister and I are driving down to Melbourne to attend this year's Melbourne Bead Expo over the weekend.

This necklace has 504 x 3mm Swarovski CAL crystals, 131 x 4mm Swarovski Jet and Cal crystals, 
10 x Swarovski diamantes  and 1 x Swarovski flower crystal, plus heaps of 4mm black Czech glass beads and seeds. 

Having had the necklace on a bust, during construction, when walking past it flashed light like stars on water at night. Thus I have called it "Midnight Lights".

So wish me luck at the Expo as being awarded two years in a row would be absolutely fantastic.


  1. Absolutely beautiful!!!Good luck, Patrick!!

  2. Thank you Zooja. The judging was on Friday evening and unfortunately I didn't get a place. A gentleman had made beaded beads of Swarovski crystals and chain linked them in a multi strand with a feature piece of a delica beaded flower set off centre. Classic and elegant.
    Better luck next time maybe. The picture of my design doesn't do it justice. It is such a sparkling piece in person. I will try to get a better picture posted when I get the necklace back.

  3. I am sorry, Patrick!This necklace is so elegant and beautiful!!I am sure you will win next time!:)I am waiting for the picture.

  4. Varázslatosan szép munka, GRATULÁLOK, szuper!!